Data Mart

Using the Candidate Data Mart Table as a guide, an object is placed in the middle of the screen in the CASE Tool. This object is named for the first data mart in the table. A data mart is defined by its fact table, therefore, the SalesFactTable is at the center of the Sales Data Mart. Objects representing the dimensions that share in the data mart are arranged around the fact table object. The dimensions are connected to the fact table producing the star schema. The dimensions PersonCustomer, ActivityPromotion, PropertyStore and ItemProduct are found in the business object data model and the Candidate Data Marts Table. The Time dimension is found in the Candidate Data Mart's Table.

The connectors indicate that the dimension plays a role in the fact table. Different CASE Tools use different symbols, use the one most accepted by your organization. The one-end of the connector is at the dimension. The many-end of the connector is at the fact table.

This indicates that primary key of the dimension exists as a foreign key in the fact table. The details of the fact table primary key will be examined in the fact table design section.