The Member component manages the many-to-many relationship between the Type component and the Class component. The Member component belongs in the Enterprise Database.

Each Member component represents a table which manages membership in the database. There is one Member table for each Class. The Member table is used to segment the Class tables into functional data sets. it identifies the Entities within a Class. A single occurrence of a Class does not exist unless it has at least one entry in a Member table and it may have more.

The relationship between the Type table and any of the Class tables is many-to-many. One Type, such as Type.Name = "Engineering", can describe an Organization, Person or Activity. One Organization, such as Organization.Name = "IBM", can be identified as a "Manufacturer", "Vendor" or "Customer".

The Member table for the Class Organization is named the OrganizationType, for Person, the PersonType, etc.

The Member table only contains the foreign keys from the Type table and the Class table being segmented.