Business Intelligence Collection

The star schema and query requirements come from the Business Intelligence Survey. The BI Survey is a deliverable produced in joint application development (JAD) workshops. There should be three workshops held. The first workshop produces the first-cut, raw requirements. The second produces revised requirements and the third produces the final star schema and query requirements.

This workshop is populated by the business unit managers and staff that requested the data mart and is led and facilitated by the Business Intelligence Analyst. The BI Survey results from asking the business user members of the workshop to write down 25 questions they would like their data warehouse to answer.

The facilitator should lead the combined workshop group through the first few queries until the group gets a sense of what they are being asked to do. Once the exercise is understood, break the workshop up into small working groups of 2 to 3 persons and have each working group produce their own list of questions. Some groups produce fewer and some more, but get what you can and combine all the queries into a single list.

Some examples might be:

        "I want to know what products my customers are buying this quarter as compared
        to the same quarter last year?"

        "I want to know what products are being sold in each of our stores?"

        "I want to know which of my customers are responding to my marketing campaign
        and where they live?"

        "I want to know what percentage of existing customers responded to last month's
        promotion and made an additional purchase?"

The answers tell the OLAP Architect what business objects and data components contain the data and relationships to are required to produce these queries. Find the components in the Class Models that have the same names as the nouns in the queries. Some queries will only depend on a single Class Model while others may require more than one Class Model.