OLAP Context Model

The first step in the BI Survey is to create a Context Model. A Context Model bounds the business problem and represents the relationships and business objects required to conduct business. It is produced in the JAD workshop on the whiteboard or CASE Tool. It illustrates the business relationships that exist between the enterprise and external organizations, people and systems (actors). The relationships are based upon business objects. The OLAP Architect facilitates this workshop.

The OLAP Architect leads the business managers and staff by drawing an object representing the business in the middle of the whiteboard. The OLAP Architect invites the workshop participants to identify organizations, people and systems that interact with the business. These external entities are identified by type, rather than name. Additional objects are drawn around the center object. The objects are connected, from the center object, by two arrows, one in each direction. The names of the business objects supporting each relationship are added to the context model showing the flow of the business object. When complete, the Context Model is copied from the whiteboard or saved in the Case Tool.