The Deep State

It's not just the Democrats!

Why didn't you Republicans put a stop to "the FBI's Russia hoax"?

Fair question? Trey Gowdy objects to it, but only in part, defending Devin Nunes while more self-effacingly admitting to initially considering FBI statements too credible. Tucker Carlson wants to know why Republicans in control of both the House and Senate didn't expose what Carlson calls the "Russia hoax" when it first launched. Just to make sure no one missed Carlson's point, Fox put a chyron up while Gowdy spoke that read, "Republican lawmakers like Graham and Burr failed to do proper oversight of the FBI's Russia hoax."

The plot officially began July 31, 2016 with the counterintelligence investigation that the FBI opened to probe Russian infiltration of Donald Trump's presidential campaign. But the bureau never followed any Russians. In fact, it was an operation to sabotage Trump, the candidate, then president-elect, and finally the presidency. The conspirators included political operatives, law enforcement and intelligence officials, and the press.

The plot was uncovered by Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and his investigative team. They understood that the target of the operation wasn't just Trump, but rather the institutions that sustain our republic. A country where operatives use the intelligence and security services to protect their privileges by spying on Americans, coordinating with the press, and using extra-constitutional means to undermine an election then undo a presidency is more like the third world than the republic envisioned by the founding fathers.

Without Nunes and his team, the plot against the president -- and against the country -- never would have been revealed. The congressman from the cattle capital of California really did fight corruption in Washington. Devin Nunes took on the "deep state."

And Nunes is winning!

Howevert, it just a few days ago that Matt Gaetz called out the duplicity of Trey Gowdy and points out how the former rep and former House Speaker Paul Ryan blocked their 2017/2018 House investigative committees from issuing subpoenas against the coup-plotters.

Both Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy, amid a host of others, retired in 2018.

The BIG question remains, why has nobody gone to jail?