Democrats' inner totalitarian

The astute among us -- "the woke" in the leftist vernacular -- can recall the infamous catchphrase by former Obama administration Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, and more recently mayor of Chicago, when he said, "Never let a serious crisis go to waste."

This quote has been bandied about by hordes, but, much of the time, it was fashioned to suffice at fomenting some perniciously political intrigue. To do so, there was a routine omission of the very word that I firmly believe is quintessentially prescient for fully comprehending what unlies the sheer mastery of malefic, malfaisant intent.

That word is "serious."

Mind you, a crisis state is to be commonly shunned, mostly at all costs, because crises bring banefully emergent extremes, when suffering is broad, deep, and sustained.

However, to be inferred from Emanuel's legacy remark is that a crisis should never be quickly dismissed without having given it proper consideration for its utility as a proximate cause for its exploitive value. The more "serious," the greater the chaos. The greater the chaos, the better the odds for fomenting full, tyranical expediency.

For reasons best understood by the more malevolent among us, a collective to which Emanuel undoubtedly holds lifetime membership, the particular use of "serious" implies belief that, if strategically finessed, a crisis could become the bearer of wonderful fruits -- particularly in terms of political preeminence.

Turning to the COVID-19 crisis, as a country and as unwitting participants in this "serious" crisis, aspects of our behavior strikingly resemble what has happened whenever democratic societies were insidiously swept over by totalitarian rule, thereby, becoming a Police State.

First, under the rubric of guarding against further spread of soronavirus infections, the whole of the United States was put under autocratic lockdown, claiming it to be for the good of the country. Few of us mounted any form of protest.

Consequently, the will of the State completely subjugated and circumvented our prescriptive constitutional rights, further aided and enabled by a newly enculturated pursuit of "-- being safe." And, whenever a society reserves action for only when conditions are safe, it actually means "never."

As the hysteria mounted, the majority of us simply shut ourselves away from family, friends and neighbors as good and law-abiding subjects of a State gone mad in its subservience to Science and Scientists, even willing to let our hard-earned ways of life and living to perish under protracted economic hysterics.

Second, our police departments across the country have supported this constitutional infringement by bringing pressure via citations to those caught violating this unlawful curfew. And, still, we all remained good and dutifully locked away in our homes, allowing our overlords as many miles they sought in exchange for inches promised, trusting that they knew best and would restrain themselves from wandering too far afield of our rights.

Third, the Media amplified this unprecedented transmogrification of prescriptive America, never questioning any aspects of this civil abuse, simply because the mere participation of Scientists legitimized the affront, granting it kinship to the occult -- not to be questioned, just comply or draw the wrath of the State.

Then, there came the coup de grace, the proverbial last straw that has always helped to cement a totalitarian takeover and its eventual adoption. Neighbors have begun colluding with the authorities, snitching on each other, turning in others for not obeying curfew -- a perverted virtue signalling with rueful consequences.

There is something about some of us that just will not abide someone else misbehaving, when we, ourselves, are being so damned good.

Think about it. Once members of a society have turned on each other they have become allies to the State Authority. Trust is no longer and the invincible totalitarian agents are able to amass power, ability, and reach on order of magnitude amounting to the size of the population, as average citizens are converted to duty-bound agents of the Regime.

Milt Thomas