greatest political blunder ever

The Biden campaign has committed one of the biggest blunders since Michael Dukakis rode in that tank. No, I don’t mean running with dementia in the first place, rather it's the "Team Joe" avatar webpage where you can upload your own photo and slogan for the campaign. People are having lots of fun with this. I'm only including a few here. I am sure someone -- maybe even Joe in his few lucid moments -- is wondering whose dumb idea this was. Either that or it is genius, as it provides an alternative to the coronavirus for diverting amusement under martial law. And there was also this news item, Obama finally endorsed Joe Biden, proving that Obama still knows how to vote "present."

Here's the link!

There's a whole bunch more on DuckDuckGo!

There's a bunch of political consultants who are waking up this morning without a job. THis has got to be the greatest political blunder EVER!

And even if Old Joe approved this absurdity, he's gonna forget all about it, but he's gonna pay a neavy, heavy price.