In February, 2010, Obama's life story took another mysterious twist. Although every single account of Obama's life puts him in Indonesia in 1969, the photo below was taken in Hawaii -- while Obama was in the 3rd grade -- at the Noelani School -- in Honolulu!

A former Manoa resident, Scott Inoue, sent Obama an old photo of the two of them taken while they were third-grade classmates at Noelani Elementary School, requesting an autograph during the 2008 campaign. He received an autographed picture back, as well as a personally signed thank-you note.

Widely published biographies say Obama lived in Indonesia from 1967 through 1971 and none of them mention the fact that Obama was in Honolulu in 1969 and in the third-grade year at Noelani School.

When Obama decided to run for president, Inoue had his mother dig up the photo and he sent an enlarged copy to Obama's senatorial office in Illinois with a request for his autograph. There was no response. He tried again after the inauguration and several months later an envelope from the White House arrived with a warm note -- typewritten, but personally signed by Obama's autopen, dated Nov. 6, 2009.

Obama's 3rd grade records have been lost like his kindergarten records. A Google "Books" search of "Dreams...," returns no mention of Noelani.

Nobody knows anything about this guy -- every day it's a new mystery. I've said it before, the more I learn about this guy, the less I know about him.