Lolo Soetoro

There is little or no information about the whereabouts of Stanley Ann and little Barry from March 1992 until she returns to Hawaii and enrolls in the spring semester of the University of Hawaii. Money was tight. She collected food stamps and relied on her parents to help take care of her baby. She would get her bachelor's degree four years later.

While studying for her bachelor's degree, Stanley Ann met another foreign student at the university and married Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo in March 1965. Right away, Lolo requested a stay in the United States.

Lolo Soetoro wrote the following in his applicatiion for a INA section 212(e) waiver and a two year extension for his stay in the USA with Ann Soetoro, :

        "Most importantly, anti-American feeling has reached a feverish pitch under the direction of the Indonesian communist party, and I have been advised by both family and friends in Indonesia that it would be dangerous to endeavor to return with my wife at the present time. Of secondary importance is the fact that my wife does not yet speak Indonesian. Not only would she be forced to cut short her college education, but she would be left in a position of isolation in the community."

His request was denied so Lolo, a Muslim, moved his new family to Jakarta, Indonesia, the worlds most populous Muslim country on July 20, 1966. Once there, Lolo completed his military commitment and then become an oil company executive.

Lolo Soetoro had been an official of the Director General s office in the TNI Topography division of the Indonesian Army. He later becomes an executive with American Mobil Corporation, where he was a key liaison between the oil company and the Suharto regime. Suharto had been installed as the American-friendly Indonesian President in 1967.

During the Jakarta years, there is no doubt that Stanley Ann became an Indonesia citizen under Indonesian law:

        "...the foreign woman who marries a citizen of the Republic of Indonesia also acquires the citizenship of the Republic of Indonesia one year after the marriage has been contracted..."

Without a doubt -- when they were in Indonesia -- this family was 100% Indonesian. How the US would have viewed Stanley Ann and little "Barry" from a US citizenship perspective may be better answered by others, but between 1967 and 1971 this family was Indonesian.

Obama remembers his mother was shocked to discover how her new husband reverted to chauvinist Indonesian ways as soon as he left America and that Indonesia was a nasty right-wing dictatorship (although the latter doesn’t jibe with her spending much of the rest of her life in that country).

Obama writes, "Looking back, I'm not sure Lolo ever fully understood what my mother was going through ... why the things he was working so hard to provide for her seemed only to increase the distance between them ... He landed a job in the government relations department of an American oil company. ... Sometimes I would overhear him and my mother arguing in their bedroom, usually about her refusal to attend his company dinner parties, where American businessmen from Texas and Louisiana would slap Lolo's back and boast about the palms they had greased to obtain the new offshore drilling rights, while their wives complained to my mother about the quality of Indonesian help. He would ask her how it would look for him to go alone, and remind her that these were her own people, and my mother's voice would rise to almost a shout."

"They [the Americans] are not my people!"

There was at least the suggestion of violent discord between them. When Anna refused to go with her husband to socialize with American executives in Jakarta when he was working for an Indonesian oil company, and after coming home late from a teaching job servants saw her with a towel covering up blood on her face, although nobody ever confirmed any domestic violence.

Obama's half-sister, Maya Kassandra Soetoro, was born on August 15, 1970, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Anna registered her birth as "born in Honolulu" shortly after her birth, as well. Maya would have a State of Hawaii Certification of Live Birth (COLB), just like the one Obama posted on the Internet.

Maya would also attend the private Punahou School.

It was Maya, who has said that Obama was legally adopted by her father, Lolo Soetoro, and Maya also said, "There was always a joke between my mom and Barack that he would be the first black president."

Ann filed for divorce in 1980. She kept in regular contact with Lolo and did not pursue alimony or child support, according to divorce records.

Lolo died in 1987.