On The Road

Seattle? What was Stanley Ann doing in Seattle just days after allegedly giving birth in Honolulu?

We are told "Baby Barry" was born on August 4th in Honolulu. OK!, that's fine, but how do we get Stanley Ann from Honolulu to Seattle, visit with friends, register for night school, move into an apartment and begin attending classes at the University of Washington by August 19th -- while lugging a one or two-week-old baby around -- when the average hospital stay for births in 1961 was four days?

That must have been some scramble.

These are just some of the unanswered questions -- legitimate questions -- that have always haunted Obama and millions of curious Americans. They that have never been answered.

No one knows how or when or under what conditions Stanley Ann got from Honolulu to Seattle. There are those that say she just drove across the border from Vancouver in her aunt's car. A Canadian birth would answer a whole lot of questions that a Hawaii birth doesn't.

In 1960, in a pre-abortion, pre-women’s liberation, pre-no-fault divorce world, the birth of a child outside of marriage carried a very strong social stigma and unflattering labels. Both Stanley Ann and her parents would have suffered damage to their public images if her out-of-wedlock pregnancy was visible for Hawaiian society to see, but if one moved away temporarily, that would eliminate a lot of uncomfortable and unnecessary explanations. Remember, we're talking about an era where even the very word "pregnant" was avoided -- "with child" was the socially preferred term.

Additionally, The Dunhams had to have been super-pissed at the Kenyan and desperate to get their teenage daughter away from her beggar-poor African paramour.

So we see many reasons to leave Hawaii during her pregnancy. It also explains why she dropped out of school.

Air travel in 1961 was not what it is today. Were there any restrictions in 1961 about flying with newborn babies? It's hard to believe that her middle class parents put Stanley Ann and her child on a plane to fly to Washington to go to the University of Washington when she was already enrolled at the University of Hwaii. It is more plausible that they put their daughter on a plane in March or April of 1961 headed for a relative's home, probably in Vancouver, where Stanley Ann had an aunt.

Vancouver, British Columbia, is located just 140 miles north of Seattle, It was a four hour drive in 1961. Back in the day one did not need a passport, just a driver’s license. Stanley Ann had a driver's license. It is possible that Dunham actually delivered Baby Barry someplace close to Seattle -- like Vancouver.

The most compelling case for a Canadian birth is the age of the infant when Stanley Ann appeared at the home of her high school friend, Susan Blake shortly after Baby Barry's birth unable to change little Barry's diaper (video above).

In the video interview, Blake says that while Stanley was there she stayed with a friend of Stanley Ann's mother, even borrowed a car to come see Susan. Was Stanley Ann's mother's friend really Stanley Ann's Aunt Eleanor?

Aunt Eleanor's address at the time was Blaine, Washington. The northern boundary line of Blaine, WA is also the southern boundary line of White Rock, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. They are essentially the same city in different countries. In 1961 Blaine, WA had no hospital. White Rock, BC, Canada had a hospital and with a meternity ward that had opened in 1960.

Regardless of where Stanley Ann and the infant Barry were on August 4, 1961, they were in Washington state by the middle of the month when she registered for classes at University of Washington using a Capitol Hill apartment address as her address. Stanley Ann Dunham started classes at the University of Washington 15 days after Barack's birth. Obama was born on 4 Aug 1961, and Ann Dunham started night classes for the Fall semester on 19 Aug 1961.

Between August, 1961 and March 1962, Stanley Ann completed a total of four extension courses at the University of Washington, earning a total of 20 credits for her work in those courses.

On June 22, 1962, The Kenyan left Hawaii for Cambridge, Massachusetts and Harvard, so Stanley Ann packed up Baby Barry and her things and returned to Hawaii to continue her studies at the University of Hawaii. Money was tight. She collected food stamps and relied on her parents to help take care of Barry. She would get her bachelor's degree four years later.