School Daze

Although Obama has had a first-class education that spanned 25 years, no academic records for Obama, with the exception of a couple of documents from Jakarta, have ever been released, and they were released by independent researchers. Everything about Obama's education is hidden from the American People.

There are no grammar school records. There are no Punahoau School records. There are no Occidental College records. There are no Columbia College records. There are no Harvard Law School records. Records must exist somewhere, but Obama paid Perkins-Coie millions to prevent you and me from seeing them.

Obama has degrees, but he is not educated. There is a difference. If you listen to Obama, over time you will come to understand that he doesn't know American or world history. He doesn't have a junior high level grasp of science and has an understanding of human psychology most kindly described as wishful thinking.

Obama's primary school years were spent bouncing between Hawaii and Jakarat and Hawaii and Jakarta and Hawaii again as Stanley Ann gypsied around the Pacific.

Obama's first "normal" schooling experience occurred at Punahou School. He would spend eight years at the school while living with his grandparents. In addition to his Punahou studeis, the communist, Frank Marshall Davis, took young Obama under his wing and mentored him in Black Marxism studies.

At age 18, Obama goes to Occidental College. He is alleged to be on a foreign-student scholarship and lives with the foreign students, but with sealed records, Americans could never find the truth behind these allegations.

Then Obama is off to Columbia College where he is remembered by -- nobody!