The Kenyan

Barak Hussein Obama was born in Nyangoma-Kogello, Siaya District, Kenya in 1936 or 1934 -- he claims both. The Kenyan was a member of the Luo tribe and grew up in the sleepy village of Alego-Kogello.

The myth, as written by Obama in "Dreams...," is that his father was a goat herder.

Now, the Kenyan may have herded some goats that were part of his father's extensive livestock collection, but the Kenyan spent his time at school where he was actually an extremely bright student and sufficiently educated to go on to obtain degrees from the University of Hawaii and Harvard.

However, the Kenyan was not a very nice person when he was at the University of Hawaii and his life story worsened until he killed himself in a drunken-driving accident years later.

When The Kenyan first arrived in Hawaii in 1959 he lived at the "Y" for a short time and then moved to 1482 Alencastre St. He moved to a small, single story wooden home located at 625 11th Ave., located in the St. Louis Heights area where lived until he left Hawaii on June 22,1962 -- immediately after his after graduation.

The Kenyan "has been running around with several girls since he first arrived at the university" and Mrs. McCabe, the University of Hawaii, Foreign Student Advisor, cautioned him about his playboy ways.