The "Wonder Years"

I refer to the years 1960 through 1971 as the "wonder years" because i really wonder what the hell happened during Obama's early life.

There can be no question, that this period is really the story of Stanley Ann Dunham. "Barry" was drug along with the rest of Stanley Ann's baggage. I'm not making a judgement. It's what happened.

Mainstream media sources, the recollection of friends and associates and Obama's account are frequently at odds about where Anna was, and what she was doing, at any point in time. No one knows for sure, and there are no records to substantiate, where Stanley Ann Dunham was, or what she was doing, between the summer of 1960, until she showed up in Hawaii with a two week old in August, 1961.

What follows is the best account, cobbled together from multiple sources.

The problem with documenting what Anna did, or did not do, is that much of what we think we know about these events comes from Obama's "Dreams...," and that account has been proven to be unreliable -- but it was first.